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Good Gym? Bad Gym? Great gym?

Bad gyms offer access, great gyms provide coaching

To set the scene – I’ve been thinking about what really makes a great gym. I’ve concluded that to be a great gym, you need to help your members. As cliche as that sounds, thats the business that we’re in and if we can’t help you, it’s not much of a business and that would be sh#t. This is why CrossFit Peak Blaxland offers what we do, to be a great gym:

  • Free regular strategising and goal setting
  • Coached classes
  • 1-1 coaching
  • Nutrition coaching & accountability

How does this help you? and how does this make us a great gym?


First and foremost, we understand that most of us need regular communication to keep us on track. Knowledge isn’t always the problem: you probably know to avoid biscuits and cake for breakfast. But the “carb cupboard” is beckoning. You probably know, that getting your heart rate up regularly is healthy and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. You probably know that strength / resistance training is important to protect your joints and bodies. But we don’t all do it… Why?

It’s our job as a great gym to communicate this, to take the guess work out of it, make sure you stay safe and injury free as you crush your goals and work towards a higher quality life.

Personalisation or Customisation

There are literally millions of free workouts online. But they don’t know you, they don’t have you in mind. Our relationship is exclusive and it’s personal. Have a niggle or injury? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Have a specific goal? Weight loss, muscle gain? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Great gyms have their clients needs as a priority and they listen and act on those needs.


We can change the program really quickly when you need to. Your priorities may have radically changed in the last two weeks. They might change again tomorrow, and again the day after that. This is where we can work with you, be a great gym and address what you want.


If you work or train from home you may have a tendency to drift.  Without daily structure, you’re waking up later; you’re wearing ‘comfy’ pants all day. You’re procrastinating and eating poorly and maybe feeling a bit down. The forced constructs of your old 9-to-5 helped you plan and schedule your exercise and meals and bedtimes. But now those are gone. Having a training structure and some accountability can help keep or build that routine.


You know what could happens when we eat poorly, miss sleep and worry about money?  We ruminate. We get anxious. We get down or depressed. And when we get depressed, we stop exercising. It’s a snowballing effect and it’s much easier to stay on top of it.

Social connection

Yes,  group classes helps us keep social connections, most gyms have this as an option. But great gyms provide deeper connections – being a part of a like minded team, knowing others are doing the same workouts. Proudly noting your new achievements and sharing those accomplishments with other members.

What else? If you simply want a chat or someone to listen, we’re available. Our primary value is we can give you what you need today. We couldn’t be a great gym without it. Whether thats to vent, pick the perfect weight option for a workout, or help structure your day. We can help.

You’re very important. There’s only one of you. So please look after yourself. And if you need any help, hit us up! We’d love to have you in for a No-Sweat intro, find out about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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