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Protein to build muscle and lose unwanted kilos

So you want to build muscle and lose unwanted kilos? Exercise is important but, what you eat is going to have an effect on this also.

Nutrition can be a touchy subject, everyone has their own opinions and it can be hard to know what will help you, or what is bulls*#t social media…

Building Muscle for Strength or toning

So let’s keep this simple. Muscles are made of proteins. If you want big muscles, toned muscles, strength increase or strength maintenance, you’re going to have to consume protein. Period.

But how much? Good question. Everyone should aim to consume a base level of protein each day for recovery, growth and repair. If you’re aiming to build muscle, your consumption should be higher.

A simple equations to calculate your daily protein intake is 2g of protein multiplied by your body weight in kg’s. Eg: a 80kg person should aim to consume 160g of protein each day (2×80 = 160).

Now this is a rough calculation and doesn’t take into account, muscle to fat ratio, training volume or specific goals – weight gain, weight loss etc. But this is a great starting point, as many people are often under consuming their daily protein requirements.

It’s also important to note that when you consume adequate amounts of protein daily your hunger hormone (ghrelin) is suppressed, so you feel fuller and don’t over consume other foods. Sounds like a great way to trim down and lose those unwanted kilos…

The best way to consume protein is from natural sources such as beef, fish, chicken, legumes, beans and protein rich dairy products. Depending on dietary choices this may vary between individuals.

If you’re someone who finds it hard to hit the minimum daily protein intake, or simply wants a more convenient time efficient way, supplements can be a great way to boost those numbers. A really good quality Australian protein company is True Protein. They use top quality sourced ingredients and their whey protein is from NZ grass fed cows which does make a difference! It’s what our coaches use and recommend to our clients. And we stock it for their convenience.

Nutrition is so important for many health related goals. This is why we offer free initial nutrition consults to all our members. If you’re stuck with your nutrition and want a little help, feel free to reach out and book a No-Sweat Intro where we can learn about your specific goals and how we can help you.

Remember we live our lives in one body, so why not treat it well 🙂 then it will be sure to look after you.


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