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Paul Maloney owner of CrossFit Peak Blaxland
Our founder

Paul Maloney

Paul has lived his whole life in the Blue Mountains. He studied Health Science PDHPE at WSU while working at Penrith YMCA as a trainer and gymnastics coordinator. He discovered CrossFit and since 2012 has been running a CrossFit gym in Blaxland for the last 9 years.

Our coaches

Paul Maloney coach at CrossFit Peak Blaxland

Paul Maloney

I have always enjoyed being active and moving. From a young age I played sports of all types. As I got older I loved the team building, socialising and satisfaction from sports and being active.

In 2008 I started working at the YMCA while studying a Bachelor of  Health Science PDHPE. It was here where I was first able to connect my love for human movement with work, completing my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, Male (MAG) & Female (WAG) Gymnastics, Level 1 and eventually opening up a CrossFit gym in 2012.

Since then I have workout with thousands of people, young, old and everything in between, with the goal to teach them how to move their bodies, while enjoying training and inevitably  increase their quality of life.

My true passion lies in exploring the results of training, nutrition and environment and how it can enrich lives.

Kat Owen coach at CrossFit Peak Blaxland

Kat Owen

Sport and fitness for health is my passion. As a biostatistician, I have conducted research in this area and understand the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity. I want to use this knowledge and my love for CrossFit to help people enjoy their fitness and see the many benefits in all areas of their lives. Bachelor of Health Science (PDHPE) Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) PHD in Physical Activity & Sport Masters of Biostatistics CrossFit Level 1 Online.

Sarah McConville

Matt Mendham coach at CrossFit Peak Blaxland

Matt Mendham

Sport and health have always been my passion in life. This has led me to extensively study the human body at a university level to optimise health and performance. I have also participated in many sports some of which are currently CrossFit, touch football and triathlon training. I have always enjoyed being in a coaching role because of the chance to enhance individuals in the way they perform and the way they think of themselves. Education Two years of Chiropractic Science Studying High Performance Sport/then Master of Physiotherapy CrossFit Level 1 Coach Touch Football Coach (BMGS and Lower Blue Mountains) Sport Program advisor for Winmalee High School.

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